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It is very important to know which avenues to take if helping yourself or a loved one get into drug rehab. Taking the right steps could mean a matter of life and death.

First thing to establish is whether the individual has a drug problem. In almost every case when a person is suspected of having a substance abuse problem they usually do. Continued use of drugs and/or alcohol despite reoccurring adverse consequences classifies as a drug abuse, and having a compulsion to take drugs regardless of the unfavorable consequences falls under drug addiction.

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If determined that a drug problem does exist, you then need to find out what stage or how far along the user is in terms of their addiction and willingness or denial toward entering drug rehab. Whether he or she has admitted to having a problem or not its best to act swiftly and make necessary preparations toward finding the right rehab center.

If the person abusing alcohol or drugs denies and/or refuses treatment you'll need to take action in the form of a drug intervention and apply the principles of tough-love and discontinue any type of enabling behaviors. Simply stated, an addict will only remain adamant about staying on drugs if the troubles, pain, and problems associated with their drug use do not out weigh the perceived benefits. Only when the pain from substance abuse becomes too much for the addict to bear will they finally seek drug rehab, and it becomes the task of friends and family members to help the addict reach that point. Thus, an addict needs to hit rock bottom before they will receive drug treatment, and it is up to friends and family to try to speed up that process by bringing the bottom to the addict before they destroy themselves and everyone else around them. Drug intervention is by far the most effective approach at accomplishing this seemingly impossible task.

Having as much information about the addicted individual as possible will assist us and/or other addiction treatment professionals locate you the drug rehab center best for his or her situation. Below is checklist of helpful information needed for finding the correct placement into the appropriate type of drug rehab center.

  • Addict's age
  • Type of drugs abused
  • Length of addiction
  • Mental disorders
  • Prescribed medications
  • Previous treatments
  • Addict location
  • Level of desire
  • Employment
  • Education
  • Overall situation
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