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After being addicted and neglecting all the aspects of a healthy lifestyle recovery doesn't come easy. Nearly all addicts believe in the beginning that they can quit and stay sober on their own but often with good intentions tomorrow never comes and one more can turn into years. Because most addicts are unable to quit without detoxification and treatment, resulting in a failure to stay sober without professional help.

Nevertheless, getting off drugs is one thing but staying sober is quite another. As hard as it is to stop taking drugs, staying sober can be even more difficult over the long-haul.
Because recovery is a mental, emotion, physical, social and Spiritual Battle therefore to stay sober you must stay fit in each of these arenas as much as depends on you!

Long-term treatment is a good start in the recovery process.

Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous believe it is easier to stay clean than it is to get sober. But, if thoroughly working the 12 steps by putting faith in and seeking God and attending meetings regularly and getting a sponsor makes sobriety is much easier. On the other hand if an individual leaves drug treatment and thinks they are completely cured. improvement may be harder than it was originally getting off of the drugs or alcohol.

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Studies show that long-term drug abuse can cause significant impairment on a persons ability to cope and deal with many normal situations. Regular drug abusers essentially live in another world and adopt many unfavorable habits along the way. Over time those bad habits become deeply ingrained and can be very tough to turn around into positive ones. However, that is precisely what needs to happen inorder to succeed and recover.

To beat drug addiction you must first admit that a problem exists, then inter the appropriate treatment program. Even still many addicts find it very difficult to stay sober once detox and drug addiction treatment is completed.
Things that can make staying sober less difficult:

  • Faith in God
  • reading the Bible
  • understand that drugs only worsen any situation
  • completing the right program
  • stay in close communication with sober network
  • exercise frequently
  • eat as healthy as possible
  • drink lots of bottled water
  • take vitamins and minerals
  • quit smoking cigarettes
  • read or listen self-help material
  • prayer and meditation
  • realize that anything-worthwhile takes time and does not come easy
  • staying away from a past drug using environment
  • avoiding individuals that still use drugs
  • finding a good job

For some individuals staying sober takes tremendous determination. Powerful drug addictions such as heroin, cocaine, or meth, take more than willpower to stay sober. Such addictions leave a person lost and confused and drug rehab will be necessary in order to achieve sobriety.
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