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Oxycontin is a highly addictive time-release opiate painkiller typically prescribed to cancer patients to treat severe pain. The drug is of closely relation to heroin in terms of its potency and potential for abuse and addiction. The abuse of Oxycontin is very prevalent throughout the United States. An addiction to Oxycontin is very serious and requires the right drug rehab and detox to overcome its hellish dependency.

 Many OxyContin abusers crush the tablets and ingest, inject or snorting the drug. The majority of people that abuse it, do so for it euphoric effects, or relieve of pain, and to avoid the very painful withdrawal symptoms. Those who use it repeatedly realize that tolerance to the drug builds very quickly and thus many winds up taking more than their prescribed dose to achieve the desired effects. That is one reason why this drug is so dangerous; an unsuspecting client can find himself or herself with an equivalent to a heroin addiction in a relatively short period.

Oxycontin rehab is a common term used today which also describes treatment and/or rehabilitation. Oxycontin rehab centers and their treatments have become more comprehensive, with the implementation of many old but newly adopted holistic therapies.

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