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Methadone Rehab

Methadone is a powerful synthetic opiate mainly used as a substitute or detox for other powerful opiates. Methadone has a so-called treatment or maintenance program that can be successful at getting addicted individuals off other opiates. However, the drug is also extremely addictive; in fact, the withdrawal symptoms incurred from its high milligrams are more severe and take longer to subside than that of heroin or Oxycontin.

The drug is acquired either at a methadone clinic or prescribed from a doctor. At a methadone clinic, addicts go and sign up and then can be given the appropriate schedule or dose of the drug. The doses given at these clinics usually comes in a liquid form given orally mixed in punch or juice. These clinics provide two different programs either detox or maintenance. The detox program is a 21-day schedule that usually starts patients off at an average dose of 40 milligrams for a five-day period, and then slowly taper clients off the of milligrams to reduce the harsh effects of withdrawal. Typically, methadone clinics policy only allows for an addict three failed attempts at the detoxification before the client has to go on the maintenance program. The Methadone maintenance program allows its patients to increase their own milligrams or doses to a much higher schedule as to discourage clients from seeking other drugs. Once or if an addict gets up to the higher milligrams it becomes much more difficult to come off of, and other types of detoxification programs usually will not accept clients on more than 40 milligrams with the exception of a few expensive detoxification facilities. Many addicts find themselves regretting they ever got on the program, because methadone has a much longer half-life in the human body its “extremely difficult” to come off of after taking higher doses.

Methadone rehab is a common term used today which also describes Methadone treatment and/or Methadone rehabilitation. Rehab centers and their treatments have become more comprehensive, with the implementation of many old but newly adopted holistic therapies into Methadone rehab environments.

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