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If you think you, or someone you know, has a problem with drugs, here are 27 questions written by recovering addicts in Narcotics Anonymous that are helpful in determining if you are addicted, regardless of what the drug of choice may be.

Self Test:

Answer these questions yes or no as honestly and truthfully as possible.

  1. Do you regularly use drugs despite negative consequences?

  2. Do you ever use drug or alcohol alone?

  3. Do you sometimes substitute one substance for another, attributing the problem to one particular drug?

  4. Have you ever lied to a physician to get prescription drugs?

  5. Have you ever stolen or pawned things to obtain drugs?

  6. Do you feel the need to take drugs first thing in the morning or before you go to bed?

  7. Have you ever used one drug to dilute the effects of another?

  8. Have you avoided people that don’t approve of your drug use?

  9. Have you taken a drug before knowing exactly what it was or how it will affect you?

  10. Has your performance at work or school ever decreased from your drug abuse?

  11. Have you ever been in legal trouble as a result your drug uses?

  12. Do you ever lie about what or how much drugs and/or alcohol you use?

  13. Have you put financial responsibilities aside to be able to afford drugs and alcohol?

  14. Have you attempted to quit or control your drug use?

  15. Have you ever landed in jail, the hospital or a drug treatment center because of drug use?

  16. Has the use of drugs changed your sleeping or eating habits?

  17. Does the idea of not being able to get more drugs frighten you?

  18. Do you think it not possible for yourself to live without drugs or alcohol?

  19. Have you ever questioned your own sanity?

  20. Is your drug use making life unhappy at home?

  21. Do you sometimes feel that you cannot fit in or have fun without drugs?

  22. Do you ever feel guilty, defensive, or ashamed about using drugs?

  23. Do you constantly think about drugs?

  24. Is drugs use negatively affecting your relationships with others?

  25. Have you ever taken drugs you didn't prefer?

  26. Have you ever used drugs because of pain or stress?

  27. Have you overdosed before on any type of drug?

If you answered yes to any one of the questions above, this is a warning that you may be an addict.

If you answered yes to any two of the questions above, the chances are that you are an addict and should seek help.

If you answered yes to three or more of the questions above, you are an addict and need to seek help immediately.

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