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Heroin is a highly addictive drug that is produced from morphine which is derived from the Asian poppy plant. The three types usually appear as a black-tar and white or brown powder heroin. Other names for the drug include Black, H, Dope, Smack, and Chiva. Heroin use is very dangerous with serious health consequences, such as addiction, fatal overdose, HIV/AIDS and hepatitis, and collapsed veins.

Regular use of heroin rapidly develops into a physical and psychological addiction. Once addicted, individuals will find it virtually impossible to quit without the help of a professional heroin treatment program including heroin detoxification.

Withdrawal side effects caused by this opiate can be agonizingly painful and take five days for just the initial side effects to subside. Typically a heroin addict will avoid the withdrawals at all costs, even if it means risking their health and freedom to procure more of the drugs. There are many types of medical detoxification procedures to reduce the painful comedown. However, choosing the right method is critical.

Heroin rehab is a common term used today which also describes Heroin treatment and/or Heroin rehabilitation. Heroin rehab centers and their treatments have become more comprehensive, with the implementation of many old but newly adopted holistic therapies.

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