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Drug Intervention is the process of expediting an addicted individual in reaching the point of accepting treatment. Often friends and family are at a loss about how to help a loved one that either is in denial or just refuses to receive professional help.

Performing an intervention at least gives loved one's piece of mind, knowing that they have tried every avenue possible to help the substance abuser enter drug rehab.

When done right the process has an excellent track-record of braking through layers of denial, as well as opening the addicted person’s eyes to the harsh reality created by their prolonged addiction. Drug intervention is the most proven and effective process a family can use to persuade or compel the addict too willingly except drug and/or alcohol rehab. Intervention not only brakes through layers of denial but it also raises the bottom. Every addict has a bottom, which is were the pain and suffering associated with drug abuse finally out weighs the perceived benefits. Like with most cases it is precisely what must happen before the recovery can start.

When the drug intervention process is correctly performed every possible means at the families disposal will have been used. it would involve close friends and family of the chemically dependent person. Furthermore, it should only be done with individuals respected by the addict, and are best facilitated by a professional such as an intervention specialist, which is always a wise choice because the addict will not so easily manipulate a professional as he or she would others. Hiring an intervention specialist can also insure the procedure is done to its maximum potential so as not further alienate the addict.

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