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Alcohol rehab is a common term used today which also describes alcohol treatment and/or alcoholism rehabilitation. Alcohol programs and their treatments have become more comprehensive, with the implementation of many old but newly adopted holistic therapies into these environments.

It is well known that most alcohol rehabs use the Alcoholics Anonymous program philosophy which adheres to the idea that alcoholism is a disease, and that it is also pasted down from family generations. The 12 step alcohol rehab concepts believe that once addicted an individual can never safely have another ever again. And that only through doing the 12 steps and making a commitment to battle the alcohol addiction one day at a time can the disease be suppressed. Additionally, alcohol dependent individuals are expected to get sponsored by an A. A. member who has at least five years of sobriety under their belt, and attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings regularly. Alcoholics Anonymous is a program of complete abstinence. Members avoid drinking one day at a time. Staying sober is maintained through sharing experience, hope and strength in group meetings also through the suggested 12 Steps for recovery from alcoholism. When an addict adheres and works this program it has had proven success over the years. In fact a popular saying in the A. A. community is, "it works if you work it.”



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