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Drug rehab is a center that provides treatment for individuals hooked on drugs. Now more than ever before addicts are recovering from the grips of addiction. Through comprehensive drug programs patients are now able to regain their lives and become productive members of society.

Treatments vary from program to program; the different methods include; Christian rehab centers, 12 steps based programs, Therapeutic Community or behavioral centers, cognitive behavioral therapy, psychotherapies, dual diagnosis treatment, eastern philosophy (meditation, yoga, and acupuncture) or Narconon/scientology based rehabs. Some programs may combine multiple treatment methods and philosophies such as the 12 steps program with psychotherapies, dual diagnosis and/or some eastern philosophy. Some Christian programs also offer 12 steps with treatment. Other drug rehabs boast of being holistic which by definition is treating the whole person---mind, body and spirit. So if you take that and apply it to the Christian drug program for instance, they focus on the spiritual, mental, emotional, social and physical aspect of the individual, but believe every true healing begins at the core or heart, which first entails reconciling with God through His Son Jesus Christ. Christian Drug Rehab

Drug treatment centers accommodate schedules and housing according to their curriculums and often vary from facility to facility. Most drug rehabs offer inpatient treatment, outpatient programs, hospital rehabilitation, or residential treatment center settings.

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No single approach is suitable for every individual. For rehabilitation to be most effective, the rehab program should match the needs of their patients. Therefore, it is critical to select the treatment facility qualified to address all of the patient’s individual needs. Doing so will significantly increases the addict’s chances of sustaining a successful recovery. Effective rehab centers are able handle and facilitate each of their patient’s needs, not just drug abuse, but also any other associated problems such as mental health, medical, social, vocational, and legal issues.

An important role one can take when trying to help a loved one enter treatment is to locate the right facility and have the program arraignments made early on. Doing so before the addict's has even agreed to receive help is the more proactive and wiser approach. Because a person with an addiction to alcohol and/or drugs may be temporarily ambivalent about wanting to participate in rehabilitation, but having the opportunity once they are ready is essential. An addict can and usually will change his or her mind about entering treatment relatively quick, and the chances of recovery could slip away fast if a rehab is not available or accessible at that particular time.

The amount of time spent in treatment is of major importance and will have an impact on determining the outcome effectiveness. The most adequate period-of-time appropriate for an individual staying in rehab depends on some factors, such as his or her underlying problems and needs, quantity and type of drugs abused, and the length of addiction.

Research indicates that more time spent in treatment significantly improves an individual’s ability to function productively while sober, and actually eases the battle of sustaining a clean and productive lifestyle.


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