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  1. Drug addiction in definition is a compulsion to use drugs despite negative consequences

  2. No one is immune from addiction produced by continued drug use, and anyone that takes addictive drugs runs the risk of becoming dependent

  3. The longer an addict waits to receive treatment the more difficult is their recovery  

  4. Drug addiction is a treatable disorder through detoxification and rehab.

  5. Drug addiction can be beat through the right treatment program tailored to an individuals needs

  6. There are no quick fix remedies in terms overcoming drug addiction

  7. If untreated drug addiction will inevitably impair all aspects the persons being; such as the mind, body, and spirit, which does not heal from other drugs or medications

  8. Laws of nature dictate that in reality drug use does not really provide an escape, if fact every bit of pleaser registered from drugs will only return you even more pain.

  9. Recovery is a long and difficult process

  10. The three major causes of drug addiction are the drugs interaction in the human body, drug user’s characteristics, and environmental situations

  11. Most addicts continue to abuse drugs and avoid rehabilitation as long as the trouble and dangers associated with addiction do not outweigh the perceived benefits

  12. It is always dangerous returning to an environment where an addict once had problems with drugs and/or alcohol addiction
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